Teacherpreneur participant combines exercise with math to boost student learning

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Lookout Valley Middle High School's Dan Basler & sixth grade students

When Dan Basler participated in PEF's Teacherpreneur Incubator program two years ago, his project idea included incorporating student math practice into the physical education curriculum. Thanks to PEF's partnership with the Benwood Foundation, Hamilton County Schools, and the Company Lab, Basler was able to bring his idea to fruition through Teacherpreneur.

Basler is Lookout Valley Middle High School's Wellness & Physical Education teacher and is the creator of Allstar Fitness Cards. With sets of 15 different math cards for Pre-K, Elementary and Middle school levels, these cards incorporate both math and wellness into each activity. During the exercise, students are not just traveling from card to card in a circle; however, they have to solve math problems along the way to figure out which direction they must take to the next card. The solution to the math problem on the card lets students figure out which card to travel to next.