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Due to the far-reaching implications of the coronavirus, Fund for Teachers is deferring all 2020 grants for one year, when these award-winning teachers will pursue their fellowships. Scroll below to see the newest Fund for Teachers Fellowship grant recipients!

Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the world that make the greatest impact on their practice, students and school communities. Since 2001, Fund for Teachers has awarded 8,500 teachers $32 million in grants to visit 152 countries on all seven continents.

PEF is proud to be the local partner for Hamilton County Department of Education applicants. Fund for Teachers allotted approximately $62,000 in grant awards for Hamilton County public school teachers in 2020. PreK-12 teachers from across the country were invited to apply for fellowships of up to $5,000 for an individual teacher or up to $10,000 as a team. In partnership with PEF, Fund for Teachers has provided more than $770,000 in grants to 192 Hamilton County public school teachers over the last eight years. This year, 14 Hamilton County public school teachers from 12 schools will learn in 12 countries in the summer of 2021. Fellows will carry out investigations in a wide range of fields, from architecture and digital fabrication to ocean reefs and atomic theory.




  • Employed full-time as a PreK-12th grade teacher and spends at least 50% of their work week in direct instruction with students in a classroom or classroom-like setting;

  • Intends to continue teaching in the consecutive school year; and

  • Has at least three years teaching experience as a PreK-12th grade teacher.


Individuals may apply for up to $5,000 and teams may apply for up to $10,000 (while team members may be from different schools, districts or states, all members must meet the eligibility criteria).


See the Fund for Teachers site for full eligibility information and guidelines on how grant funds may be spent.



Applications for 2021 are now closed. Learn more about the program in the Teachers section of the FFT site. 


Here are some helpful tips from Fund for Teachers to assist you with your application:

  • Visit the Application Learning Center where you can find everything you need from how to develop your fellowship ideas to tips for using the online system.

  • Writing tips for your application- we especially love tips #7, 8, and 9!

  • Applications are all judged against the Fund for Teachers' Scoring Rubric.  Each section of the proposal is weighed equally.  Use the rubric as you write!

  • You can also read the Fund for Teachers blog for inspiring stories, tips, and details.

For more information on Fund for Teachers contact:

Cliff Brittingham


Congratulations to Hamilton County's 2020 Fund for Teachers Fellows!

  • Japho Hardin of The Howard School will enroll in the Home Design/Build course at Yestermorrow in Waitsville, VT. There, Hardin will experience the Rural Studio, an off-campus design/build program in the School of Architecture at Auburn University. He will also document prominent works of American Architecture in New York City to provide Architectural & Engineering Design students with equitable access to quality design education.

  • Keri McKay of East Ridge Elementary School will journey to Guatemala to gain authentic language and cultural experiences. She will do this through Spanish classes, volunteering, and exploration to better communicate with students and their families, enhance curriculum, and be a resource to her colleagues and community.

  • Andrea McGuirt and Heather McIntyre of Ooltewah High School will explore, examine and attend workshops that demonstrate the connection between creative expression in the fields of fashion and art in England and Ireland. The combined experiences will result in a celebration of diversity as their students exhibit personalized creations in a student-led cultural heritage showcase.

  • Emma Mullins of Lakeside Academy and Jade Watts of Daisy Elementary will follow the footsteps of renowned musicians and music educators, creating a concrete connection to landmarks in music history. This trip to Central Europe will be a catalyst for bringing new songs, stories, and traditions into the lives of the children they teach.

  • Lorrie Holland of Loftis Middle School will visit the Reef Guardian School, as well as multiple aquariums and conservation organizations across Australia to teach students how to survey their observations along the Tennessee River and protect its ecosystems.

  • Soraya Karimi of East Side Elementary School will explore Alaska to research how Alaskan Natives are honored in order to create curriculum that celebrates indigenous backgrounds of English language learners in her school community.

  • Olivia Mae Oseguera-Conner and Steven Morrison of Red Bank High School will visit the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Germany to study the progression of major scientific contributions to the atomic theory. They will immerse themselves in the historical and technological setting of early labs, engage with museum experts at atomic exhibits, and explore current research at CERN and ITER research facilities.

  • Billy Budd of Brainerd High School and Briana Budd of Normal Park Museum Magnet School will explore STEM museums and digital fabrication labs in Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles to inspire students to enter a technologically-advanced workforce for a community on the forefront of economic, industrial, and tech sector growth.

  • Seth Amick of Sequoyah High and Taylor Amick of Snow Hill Elementary School will enroll in two Panamanian town language classes specifically for medical and business professions, followed by national conferences related to school counseling and foreign languages. Through this, they plan to prepare students for their respective vocational fields and form stronger connections with the increasing Hispanic student population.

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