Arcade Architects Spotlight: Soddy Daisy High School's Chatt-Cycle

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Chatt-Cycle team presenting their video game at Soddy Daisy High School (Standing L to R: Devin Brown, Samuel Mitchell, Arial Cofer, Brittany Browne)*

Have you ever wondered how a video game is created and what steps are involved? Or maybe you know someone who is studying for a college degree in video game design? Well, for Soddy Daisy High School seniors, creating a video game is a concept they have a head start in when they decided to compete in PEF's Arcade Architects this past spring. PEF partnered with Hamilton County Schools and The Benwood Foundation, to host this innovative student video game design competition & showcase. Graduating SDHS seniors Arial Cofer, Samuel Mitchell, Brittany Browne, and Devin Brown collaborated on their video game creation, called Chatt-Cycle, by developing their own ideas, story-line, artwork, and even coding. These students were enrolled in Soddy Daisy High's Web Design & Computer Science courses, taught by Maureen Clark, and the content these students learned in Clark's class proved to be a great segue for them into the Arcade Architects competition.

ChattCycle marketing banner*

Chattanooga landmarks throughout the video game*

These senior students developed three primary goals for the project, with the primary driving question: 'How can we, as Arcade Architects, create a game that highlights the best of Chattanooga?' Their first goal was to make the game artistic by creating their own animations. Secondly, they wanted the game to be educational for their audience, so they incorporated Chattanooga's history, including story lines referencing real landmarks throughout the city (i.e. Rock City, Ruby Falls,