VW eLab Spotlight: Dalewood Developers

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Dalewood Developers Logo, created by Dalewood VW eLab students

From their student-run business, to their award-winning electric powered racecar, the students in Dalewood Middle School's VW eLab have consistently amazed us with what they create on a daily basis. Not only have these students designed products for their school, they have included the Chattanooga community in their business efforts, too.

Ari Shropshire (center) explains the tools her and her classmates use when creating their shirt designs.

Dalewood's student-run business, called the Dalewood Developers, has helped students gain real-world experience by learning what it takes to run their own business. Seventh grade student Ari Shropshire, who helped create the Dalewood Developers logo alongside her classmates, is proud to be part of their student-run business. "We're building up as a team, making our community stronger and better," Shropshire said. The students have made a variety of sellable products, and their primary creations are shirt designs. Most of their designs promote the Dalewood Blue Knights' school spirit, a concept that continues to boost school morale. "I believe the VW eLab helped us become more well-known throughout the county," shared Shropshire. "It's provided us different design-thinking challenges, and I think it has improved us as a whole in our school and is something students are really proud of."

Academic Knight at Dalewood Middle's VW eLab on May 16, 2019

Last week, during Chattanooga's Remake Learning Days, the Dalewood Developers invited the community to partake in creating their own shirts in their VW eLab during the school's annual Academic Knight. "The event tonight is about promoting community e