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Teacherpreneur 4.0

The 2017 Incubator boated a wide scope of proposed projects, including:

  • A digital badging and microcredentialing platform for teacher professional development.

  • A program building connections between elementary students and elders in long-term care through computer science, art and music.

  • A pilot focused on integrating restorative disciplinary practices, reducing suspensions and building relationships.

  • An app making keeping track of vital student information easier during field trips.

  • A student-designed and -built drone racing obstacle course for Hamilton County.


From community-wide programs to revolutionary classroom reinventions, and from low tech to gigabit-enabled, there are a lot of big ideas from this cohort. The educators invited to pitch:


  • Beth Wilson (Red Bank Elementary)

  • Chris Cooper (Ooltewah Middle School)

  • Colby Williams (East Hamilton High School)

  • Dan Basler (Lookout Valley Middle/High School)

  • Danielle Morgan Hooper (Central High School)

  • Emily Halbert (Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy)

  • Erica Walker (Calvin Donaldson Elementary)

  • John Cunningham (Brainerd High School)

  • Lisa Blakely (Big Ridge Elementary) and Genise Fletcher (Tyner Academy)

  • Magan Lampard (Wolftever Creek Elementary) and Sue Williamson (STEM School)

  • Mary Manning, Drew Akins and James Stone (Red Bank High School)

  • Matthew Craig (Red Bank Middle and High School)

  • Mendi Catlett (Harrison Elementary)

  • Olivia Bagby (Red Bank High School)

  • Sara Durst (East Lake Elementary)

  • Sara Southard (Harrison Elementary)

  • Shannon Seigle (STEM School)

  • Shela Brazeale (Central High School)

  • Tara Tharp (Signal Mountain Middle/High School)

  • Ty Campbell (Ooltewah Middle School) and Kelly Davis (CSAS)

Full video from Pitch Night 2017 thanks to
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