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Are you interested in learning more about coding, computer science and electronics but tired of getting stuck after a few beginner tutorials in online platforms that only offer digital experiences? Consider jumping in the CS Cohort of Cohorts!

Do you want tactile experiences and with    

modern tools as you learn how to create and code physical computing systems?


Then THIS is for YOU!


The CS Cohort of Cohorts is an innovative program that supports teachers in developing their computer science and electronics skills through hands-on physical computing. The program involves recruiting passionate educators, known as Cohort Champions, from various schools to serve as leaders and recruit a cohort of 3-10 teachers from their own school to participate. These teachers will then take on one CS design challenge each week for 20 weeks, while also convening bi-weekly with their school-based cohort to discuss their progress and address any challenges that arise.

We provide access to a virtual community of practice, weekly design challenges, and Micro:Bits or Arduinos and sensor kits for participating teachers. The challenges are designed to introduce coding and electronics concepts and provide opportunities for authentic engagement with computer science and electronic principles. Additionally, we facilitate monthly check-ins for Cohort Champions to provide direct, on-going support and guidance.


  • None! Literally nothing. If you want to join, you're IN!!! 

  • We just ask that you commit to completing each of the 20 design challenges in 20 weeks. 

  • While we welcome anyone to join, the design challenges are created with teachers in mind, and assume the participants have limited (if any) experience with coding and electronics.

  • Did we mention, CS Cohort of Cohorts is completely FREE! Thanks to the support of several of our partners and to the generous financial support of the TSIN, we are able to support this work at no cost to participants.



  • We provide weekly design challenges intended to help you develop basic understanding of coding and electronics using physical computing. 

  • We also provide solutions and tutorial videos for each design challenge so that the challenges can be completed asynchronously...but because we deeply believe in the power of collaboration, we strongly encourage you to join a cohort whether in your community or virtually. 


  • The first 4 design challenges introduce the MakeCode for Micro:Bit along with some fundamental coding principles using several of the components that come integrated on the Micro:Bit V2.

  • The rest of the challenges allow you to choose Micro:Bit or Arduino and use components from the Keyestudio KS0361 Sensor kit to move the learning off the screen and into your hands! 

  • Learn to create computing systems that blend a variety of input and output components controlled by a micro-computer. 


  • Participants are asked to complete one design challenge each week and to participate in a small, school-based cohort whenever possible. Don't have a cohort in your school? Become a CSCC champion and start one!

  • Locally (southeast TN), CS Cohort of Cohorts provides monthly check-ins for CSCC champions to provide direct support as they convene their site-based cohorts. This allows us to answer questions for the champions and provide support about the upcoming design challenges.

  • CSCC Champions simply help lead their local cohort. They don't need to be CS experts. They simply need to have a passion for learning more about this topic and a willingness to recruit a 3 to 10 teachers at their school to participate with them. 


  • We have seen the benefit of experiential learning and communities of practice in many domains, so we want to bring these qualities to computer science by leveraging the power and intrigue of physical computing systems with a thriving community of dedicated teachers!

  • A local teacher, Matthew Craig, had spent years trying to grow his capacity to support students with computer science. He came up with this idea as a way to provide (1) consistent engagement, (2) peer accountability, and (3) authentic, tactile experiences. 

  • As Tennessee joins many other states to embrace computer science, we are hoping this innovative approach to teacher development provides a pathway to deeper learning so that teachers can more effectively support students through authentic experiences and integrate rigorous computer science through tangible projects. 


  • Help us keep this free by donating to PEF.

  • While we are making all of the resources freely available, if you are hosting a cohort or participating in one, please take a few moments and fill out the form linked below. This helps us track the reach of the program and will help us contact you a few times per year to request feedback so we can continue to improve the design. After you fill out the participation form, you will receive access to all of the materials!

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