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The PEF Innovation Hub provides K-12 educators innovative  opportunities to grow as instructional experts, teacher leaders, and community connectors as a service of the Public Education Foundation in partnership with the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network. By uniting K-12 schools, colleges, nonprofits, and business partners in a cooperative effort, we help provide all students access to experiences that will prepare them to thrive in the emerging ecosystem. Additionally, through creative regional, national, and international partnerships, we work to help elevate the teaching profession by providing teachers with unfettered access to learning and networking experiences that showcase their talent and passion for delivering a top-rate education.

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The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network and the Public Education Foundation of Chattanooga created the PEF STEM Innovation Hub to provide development, amplification, and leadership experiences for teachers, principals, parents, and staff from community organizations.

The PEF Innovation Hub operates as a service of the Public Education Foundation where teachers, principals, non-profit organizations, and leaders from business and industry work together to transform public education. The hub has emerged as an innovative leader that works in partnership with Hamilton County Schools to provide unique opportunities for stakeholders to identify and develop revolutionary educational strategies that help prepare students to thrive.


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