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Physics EDU provides beneficial professional development for local educators

PEF Teacherpreneur Marcie Williams hosted her program, Physics EDU, in the heart of Chattanooga's Innovation District at The Edney this afternoon. Thanks to PEF's Teacherpreneur Incubator, Hamilton County Schools, and the Benwood Foundation, Williams was able to provide high school physics teachers a collaborative professional development, as well as resources they can take with them to use in their classrooms. Workshop leaders included MTSU's Brian Frank and Stewarts Creek High School's Robert Haddard. To read more about William's experience, keep scrolling!

Q&A with Marcie Williams:

What has the Teacherpreneur experience been like for you so far?

MW: "It's special to know that we have funding for something that we haven't had funding for before - that was great. I've been super impressed with the Teacherpreneur program. Now that I have the funding, it's been an amazing process."

Can you tell us a little more about your program you're hosting today?

MW: "This is called Physics EDU, and it is a professional development just for physics teachers. As science teachers, there is a lot of training for biology and chemistry teachers, but you can hardly ever find training for physics teachers. I thought there was a strong need for this. We just got new standards here in Tennessee, and we need this training. I wanted to provide that for these teachers."

What advice would you give teachers who are considering applying for the next Teacherpreneur cohort?

MW: "If you have a big idea, it's a great opportunity to get it started and try something new. Having meetings in the beginning of the program to flush out your idea and really think about what you want to do makes a huge impact, because you have support and it helps you bring your idea to life. It was also great to have support with our branding and getting our pitches just right. Teacherpreneur pushed me to do something that I wasn't going to do on my own."


Are you an educator with an innovative idea? Want to bring your ideas to life, but don't know how to get the support you need? Apply for your chance to be part of PEF's Teacherpreneur Incubator! *Deadline is August 20th at midnight.

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